We want our bags to accompany you on all your journeys. And our bags will age with time — we think that’s a good thing. We like a bag with patina. But if you want to touch up your bag over the years, here are some tips to work with.

Signature Canvas

At 24 ounces per square yard, our custom woven duck canvas is stronger than you will ever need. While water-resistant — rain will bead right off — the 100% cotton canvas can sometimes show scuffs and marks from use. We think this gives your bag character. If you don’t, scrubbing with a mixture of soap and water will help remove some of the marks. Don’t be afraid to put some muscle behind your scrubbing, neither the canvas nor colors will be harmed.

Brass Hardware

All of our hardware is made from brass and will develop a wonderful patina over time. Simply using a damp cloth for a fresh polish is your best bet here.


This sophisticated vegetable-tanned, hand-glazed leather is made for the wear and tear of traveling. Over decades, it will develop a beautiful patina. But if needed, use a gentle leather cleaner to touch up.

Brushed Lining

All of our lined bags use an 8-ounce canvas that is brushed prior to dyeing for a softer feel and a richer color. A simple spot cleaning with water works for any specific spills while a lint brush will take care of any unwanted particles.


For added protection all bags have either vegetable-tanned leather or 18 ounce canvas covering their underside. A gentle leather cleaner is prefect for a vegetable tanned base and a good scrub with soap and water will work nicely on unwanted dirt for the canvas.


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